State of mail/postfix-sasl for older FreeBSD

Jeremy Chadwick jdc at
Tue May 11 13:51:30 UTC 2021

(Please CC me, as I am not on -ports)

I would like to know what has happened to mail/postfix-sasl,
particularly with regards to FreeBSD 11.x (warning: I will ignore any
responses about it being EoL).

I clearly see committers tinkering around with things for postfix 3.6,
which supports OpenSSL 1.1.1 and newer only.  postfix 3.5 however works
just fine with older base OpenSSL (1.0.2u-freebsd), and said committers
seem to recognise that fact with the addition of mail/postfix35.

That said: I see mail/postfix-sasl as orphaned, but no mail/postfix35-sasl
stub port.

Simultaneously, I see mail/postfix35 lacks the SASL_SLAVE -- for reasons
completely unknown/undiscussed (not in commit messages, etc.), which is
very strange considering this model has been in place in mail/postfix
for a very, very long time -- thus likely why there's no stub port.

Please, *please* do this properly, i.e. bring back SASL_SLAVE in
mail/postfix35 and make a mail/postfix35-sasl stub port.

Understand that there's a large percentage of FreeBSD users who do not
want to deal with poudrier and its nonsense just to get something as
basic as SASL support in their MTA.  Stub ports are important for this
very reason.

Thank you.

# pkg version -v | grep postfix
postfix-sasl-3.5.10,1              ?   orphaned: mail/postfix-sasl
# pkg search ^postfix
postfix-logwatch-1.40.03_1     Postfix MTA log parser
postfix-policyd-sf-1.82_1,1    Anti-spam plugin for Postfix (written in C)
postfix-policyd-spf-perl-2.010_1 SPF policy service for Postfix written in Perl
postfix-policyd-weight- Weighted policy daemon for postfix
postfix-postfwd-2.03           Postfix firewall policy daemon
postfix35-3.5.10,1             Secure alternative to widely-used Sendmail
postfixadmin-3.2.4             PHP web-based management tool for Postfix virtual domains and users
# pkg search -f postfix35-3.5.10,1 | grep SASL
        LDAP_SASL      : off
        SASL           : off
        SASLKMIT       : off
        SASLKRB5       : off

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