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Ronald Klop ronald-lists at
Mon May 10 09:54:51 UTC 2021

Van: Stefan Esser <se at>
Datum: zondag, 9 mei 2021 12:40
Aan: ports at
Onderwerp: Re: pkg builders order of jobs
> Am 09.05.21 um 12:22 schrieb Ronald Klop:
> > Hi,
> >
> > On the pkg builders the list of builds is ordered on git hash.
> >
> > (NB: ipv6 only)
> >
> > This ordering is totally random to me. With svn the list was naturally ordered
> > because of the incremental commit id.
> >
> > Is it possible to add the commit count to the job-name like sys/conf/
> > in base?
> > git_cnt=$($git_cmd rev-list --first-parent --count HEAD 2>/dev/null)
> Adding the start-time of the build in ISO format would also be highly
> appreciated, at least by me ;-)
> The date should reflect the time of the last commit that has been
> considered. Such a time stamp would let me see with little effort
> whether a failure is due to a long running build job that did not
> catch-up with the latest fixes to a port, or whether there still is
> an issue with a port (especially for the "exotic" architectures that
> I do not test on my system and that often need a lot longer to complete
> a build job).
> Regards, STefan


Which method is used to create a sortable list for human readabiltiy does not really matter to me.
Commit count or unix timestamp or 20210510_1147 or some Poudriere internal build number or something I did not think of. Everything is better than pseudo-random hex strings to me. :-)

At home my Poudriere names the builds like "2021-05-09_20h49m55s". I don't remember configuring this by myself, so I think it is the default. But I can imagine people also want an exact reference to the git hash. Maybe the SVN property in the Poudriere page can be used for that. I don't know, somebody with more inside knowledge should decide.


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