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Mark Millard marklmi at
Mon May 10 01:44:48 UTC 2021

Ronald Klop ronald-lists at wrote on
Sun May 9 10:22:38 UTC 2021 :

> On the pkg builders the list of builds is ordered on git hash.
> (NB: ipv6 only)
> This ordering is totally random to me. With svn the list was naturally  
> ordered because of the incremental commit id.
> Is it possible to add the commit count to the job-name like  
> sys/conf/ in base?
> git_cnt=$($git_cmd rev-list --first-parent --count HEAD 2>/dev/null)

Places like:

have the same sort of problem, partially because the
dates(/times) shown at the displayed level need not
match what the files will have for date/time (when
the files even exist). An example from my past was:

lists ac845558f7b626d9a31b8f6dab686c45d39dc5a0/ as having
date/time 2021-Apr-10 18:43 .


powerpc/ and arm/ as having date/times 2021-Apr-10 18:54 and 2021-Apr-10 18:50
yet lists...
i386/ and arm64/ as having date/times 2021-Feb-19 19:00 and 2021-Feb-19 18:50 .

But it gets worse:

shows an empty directory. Same for:

By contrast,

shows i386/ with date/time 2021-Apr-10 18:43 but

shows all the file dates as 2021-Feb-19 19:00 .

. . .
END QUOTE*/ has already accumulated
a huge number of hash-only based naming subdirectories and trying to
do a "no-rebuild approximate bisect" via artifact builds has become
much more painful/impractical.

(It has never helped that architecture is in a deeper layer but
is also partial: only some architectures might build for the
commit in question. One has had to inspect to find examples of
the architecture of interest.)

Mark Millard
marklmi at
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away in early 2018-Mar)

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