bash: Undefined symbol "rl_filename_rewrite_hook" referenced from COPY re location in /usr/local/bin/bash

Kurt Jaeger pi at
Sun May 9 19:03:26 UTC 2021


> Run ldd against the bag binary and see if it's picking up /use/lib/

It shows /lib/, yes.

> If it is a FreeBSD 12.x system, then just delete (or rename)
> that file. Run ldd again, and it should pick up the readline library from
> /usr/local/lib.

Yes, that was the correct fix, works now!

> It seems freebsd-update doesn't remove that library when upgrading from
> 11.x to 12.x on some systems. I posted about this in the -stable mailing
> list a month or so ago.

Thanks for the info!

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