Making a port to use OpenSSL of ports collection on FreeBSD 11.x

Eugene Grosbein eugen at
Thu May 6 05:46:52 UTC 2021

06.05.2021 10:49, Dima Panov wrote:

> Chris, your suggestion leads to dll hell due to mix-links between ssl libraries :(
> At least, your setup easily face up situation where one lib will be built with “port openss” and consumers still get a “base openssl”.
> DEFAULT_VERSION here is set to avoid a such situation — the whole ports collection should be linked with ONE ssl/crypto library.

I disagree. There is no reason for "leaf" ports to depend on ports version of openssl
and this is impossible in come cases. For example, net/mpd5 port that links with base libfetch
that links with base openssl. So, net/mpd5 must NOT be linked with ports openssl
and frankly, it needs not.

Global inflexible knob for whole ports tree is bad thing.

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