Ports recompile for 13.0-RELEASE

Chris portmaster at bsdforge.com
Tue May 4 15:59:33 UTC 2021

On 2021-05-04 07:10, @lbutlr wrote:
> With the move to FreeBSD 13.0 is there a simple (single step) way to 
> reinstall all
> the current ports other than saving off a list of the ports and then 
> stepping
> through that list to reinstall them? It was very inefficient when moving to 
> 12.0
> as many ports in the list, of course, were dependent on other ports, but 
> then got
> recompiled, sometimes multiple times. I know I ended up in a make loop where 
> came
> was compiled over and over again until I aborted, listed the current ports, 
> differ
> on the previous ports, and picked a port I though would have a lot of reps 
> to
> restart the compile. I then did this several more times to get back to where 
> I had
> been on 11.x
> And there's still no way to tell if a port was installed from pkg or from 
> ports,
> correct? Since I use MariaDB instead of MySQLI have to be sure I don't try 
> to use
> package for anything that will try to install MySQL instead.
> And finally, the release of 13.0 ends the 12.x versions, right? There will 
> not be a 12.3.
> (And yes, I've tried moving to poudrerie several times and we do not get on. 
> At all.)
Not a big fan of poudrerie. If I must, I generally choose synth. But try to 
avoid both
if at all possible. jail(8) is my go-to for most things they try to 
While this isn't the simple "set it, and forget it" solution you seek. I find 
picking a meta-port/package as part of something I'm installing, gets me 
pretty close
to all I need.
The key to my method is the "recursive" keyword. IOW
# cd /usr/ports/x11/xorg/
# make config-recursive (repeat this until dialog stops appearing)
When complete
# make package-recursive (install) clean
If I'm in my build jail and have a /usr/ports/packages/(All|latest)
I (ultimately) end up with a nice package repo that facilitates an image 
or upgrade path from a fresh install.



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