I thought "pkg updating" would alert me about python...?

Tatsuki Makino tatsuki_makino at hotmail.com
Sun May 2 20:31:55 UTC 2021

Ronald Klop wrote on 2021/05/03 05:14:
> The UPDATING entry should have said something like "users of lang/python*" to work.

The behavior of this is strange.
I have the following python* in my environment.
python, python27, python3, python37 and python38

AFFECTS: users of python : not match
AFFECTS: users of pytho? : match
AFFECTS: users of python3 : not match
AFFECTS: users of python* : match
AFFECTS: users of python3[7] : match

package names are also comparable.
Does it not pattern match if the pattern match symbol ?, [] or * is not included?


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