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Chris Rees crees at bayofrum.net
Thu Mar 4 09:48:12 UTC 2021

Hi Patrick,

On 04/03/2021 08:50, Patrick M. Hausen wrote:
> Hi all,
>> Am 04.03.2021 um 02:17 schrieb Chris Rees <crees at bayofrum.net>:
>> The problem is, that although the php80 flavour does not depend on pecl-pdflib, the default flavour does,
>> which means that the package will not be built as it you have to agree to pecl-pdflib's licence.
> I am not a lawyer. That being said I have done some homework and did a lot if reading
> in February 2020. Sent my findings to the port maintainer of print/pdflib, but did not get
> a response, unfortunately.
> My conclusion is that you don't need to agree to PDFlib GmbH's license, because all
> of the legalese on their home page applies to a completely different product than the
> one used by pecl-pdflib.
> But step by step ...
> 1.	pecl-pdflib is published under the PHP license, so it is clearly open source.
> 2.	The FreeBSD port is not based on pdflib, but pdflib-lite - this is the crucial point.
> 3.	pdflib-lite is a product abandoned by PDFlib GmbH in 2011.
> 4.	pdflib-lite archives come with an open source license bundled in the archive.
> 5.	This is the only license applicable to our case. All the other licensing stuff on their
> 	website applies to pdflib - *which is a completely different product*.
> 6.	The license bundled with pdflib-lite explicitly permits the distribution of binaries as
> 	long as the license document and some other auxiliary files are included.
> 7.	The port does this and puts the necessary documents in /usr/local/share/doc/pdflib.
> You won't find any information about pdflib-lite on PDFlib GmbH's website, because
> they pulled it. Nonetheless the source is "out there", bundled with a permissive license
> which cannot be taken back.
> So the entire discussion is moot - as long as pecl-pdflib can be built with pdflib-lite.
> The problem with the port/packages infrastructure is that this line in ports/print/pdflib/Makefile
> is nonsense, IMHO:
> 	RESTRICTED=     Many odd restrictions on usage and distribution
> Download the pdflib-lite tarball and see the documents for yourself. I am repeating myself:
> all the legalese on the PDFlib GmbH website *does not apply* to this product (pdflib-lite).

I'm afraid that this, which I found in pdflib-lite's readme.txt [1] 
differs on that opinion.


- PDFlib Lite
   Open-source edition for basic PDF generation, free for personal use.
   PDFlib Lite does not support all languages, and is not available on
   EBCDIC platforms.

"Free for personal use" is not Free, and that's why the licence must be 

Unless you have found explicit mention that it is definitely under the 
PHP licence?


[1] https://github.com/Distrotech/PDFlib-Lite

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