Updating devel/tbb - Introducing devel/onetbb

Ganael Laplanche ganael.laplanche at martymac.org
Fri Jan 8 11:21:45 UTC 2021


First of all, happy new year :)

Intel oneAPI tbb (formerly known as Intel tbb) 2021.1 has been released and 
has deprecated several interfaces over tbb 2020.





As a consequence, I cannot update devel/tbb anymore as most of our dependent 
ports do *not* build with that new version, that includes:

Portname:                 Maintainer:
---------                 -----------
misc/openvdb              yuri at FreeBSD.org
misc/dartsim              yuri at FreeBSD.org
misc/ngraph               yuri at FreeBSD.org
databases/tiledb          sunpoet at FreeBSD.org
graphics/py-opencv        tcberner at FreeBSD.org
graphics/opencv-java      tcberner at FreeBSD.org
graphics/instant-meshes   greg at unrelenting.technology
graphics/mirtk            yuri at FreeBSD.org
graphics/opensubdiv       FreeBSD at Shaneware.biz
graphics/blender          FreeBSD at Shaneware.biz
graphics/opencv           tcberner at FreeBSD.org
graphics/opencv-core      tcberner at FreeBSD.org
graphics/oidn             yuri at FreeBSD.org
devel/py-numba            dave at dal.ca
devel/ikos                yuri at FreeBSD.org
science/pagmo2            yuri at FreeBSD.org
science/madness           yuri at FreeBSD.org
www/osrm-backend          freebsd at mosedal.net
archivers/par2cmdline-tbb martymac at FreeBSD.org
cad/opencascade           thierry at FreeBSD.org
cad/PrusaSlicer           teodorsigaev at gmail.com
math/suitesparse          fortran at FreeBSD.org
math/saga                 rhurlin at FreeBSD.org
math/dune-pdelab          yuri at FreeBSD.org
math/openturns            yuri at FreeBSD.org
math/curv                 yuri at FreeBSD.org

The following ports seem to build correctly :

Portname:                 Maintainer:
---------                 -----------
math/dune-grid            yuri at FreeBSD.org
math/dune-common          yuri at FreeBSD.org
math/dune-uggrid          yuri at FreeBSD.org
math/dune-geometry        yuri at FreeBSD.org
biology/bowtie2           jwb at FreeBSD.org
graphics/openimageio      FreeBSD at Shaneware.biz
graphics/embree           danfe at FreeBSD.org
math/deal.ii              yuri at FreeBSD.org

See: http://box.martymac.org/FreeBSD-Packages/build.html?
mastername=FBSD122amd64-default&build=2021-01-07_12h17m40s for more details.

To be able to smoothly introduce onetbb 2021 into the ports tree and let 
maintainers migrate to that new version, here is my plan :

- leave devel/tbb in place and introduce a new port: devel/onetbb
- add a PKGNAMESUFFIX to devel/tbb to 'freeze' its version and modify 
description to indicate the 'legacy' status of the port
- design devel/onetbb to install files in dedicated subdirs so that it will 
not CONFLICT with current devel/tbb (needed during migration phase)
- provide a pkgconf file that will be used by dependencies to locate those 
files and include/link options easily
- [let maintainers migrate their ports to that new version]
- at some time (?), mark devel/tbb as DEPRECATED with an EXPIRATION_DATE and 
do the same for remaining (non-updated) deps

I would originally have preferred to do the opposite : i.e. move files from 
devel/tbb to a dedicated subdir and let devel/onetbb install files to the 
default PREFIX, but that would imply modifying each dependency myself, which 
is something I won't have time to do (and each port's MAINTAINER is probably 
the best person do do that). Doing it that way will also incite MAINTAINERs to 
use the pkgconf file whenever possible to detect onetbb, wich will introduce 
more flexibility for future updates.

Any comment on this ?

Best regards,

Ganael LAPLANCHE <ganael.laplanche at martymac.org>
http://www.martymac.org | http://contribs.martymac.org
FreeBSD: martymac <martymac at FreeBSD.org>, http://www.FreeBSD.org

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