dependency loop ? librsvg2-2.40.20 vala-0.40.7,1 graphviz-2.40.1_6

Kurt Jaeger pi at
Sun Sep 30 14:52:02 UTC 2018


If I try to build my usual ports list using poudriere, this message
comes up:

[00:00:43] Error: Dependency loop detected:
These packages depend on each other: librsvg2-2.40.20 vala-0.40.7,1 graphviz-2.4

- graphviz depends on librsvg2, if the LIBRSVG2 option is set
- librsvg2 depends on vala
- vala depends on graphviz

How did this happen ? How can it be resolved ?

pi at         +49 171 3101372              2 years to go !

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