If a submitted port is in "enlightenment" category, who should maintain it?

Kubilay Kocak koobs at FreeBSD.org
Mon Feb 26 02:02:55 UTC 2018

On 2/26/18 9:45 AM, Yuri wrote:
> Can it/should it be assigned to enlightenment at FreeBSD.org?

For new ports, it's a defacto, strongly encouraged guideline that new
ports should be MAINTAINER'd by the person who authored it, for reasons




> Does enlightenment at FreeBSD.org need to be asked if they want to maintain
> it?

Yes, unless a team has explicitly said that its OK (the python team for
python ports is close to this). But this (new port) is different than
existing ports who's maintainers are being reset.

> Or the submitter should maintain it?

Yes, all else being equal, in almost all cases, unless there is a good
reason not to (say its a very important, highly impactful port that
*should* be maintained by the ports team responsible for that software

> Yuri

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