FreeBSD Port: nagvis-1.8.5_1

Kurt Jaeger lists at
Tue Feb 20 20:18:19 UTC 2018


> > Unfortunately, that's a little beyond my skillset and I'm also
> > trying to use it with Icinga2 and the DB IDO backend or I'd try to
> > give you a hand.  It looks like the port is setup for Nagios or at
> > least Livestatus with Icinga2?
> I've prepared a patch, see
> Can you test that patch ? I tried to mail to the maintainer,
> but I got a bounced mail ?

Thanks to Brandon for the run-tests. Apart from one thing with
docs/ vrs share/docs/, it somehow works.

pi at            +49 171 3101372                         2 years to go !

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