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> Hi!
> > Who is suppose to keep this up to date?
>   A vague group called gnome.
>   Which has many open PRs, and unfortunatly a bad track record 8-(
>   In the wiki we find:
>   If you can provide a patch, I can testbuild and commit... ?

To be honest, almost all work on gnome for the past five years has been by
Koop. With limited time and Gnome expanding to more and more ports,
advancement has ground to a near halt. And the increasingly Linux-centric
code in Gnome has made it much worse. While many continue to fight it,
systemd is slowly gripping the interface between Gnome and the overall

After over 2 decades of gnome, I am seriously looking at KDE... not because
of the mess of Gnome3 (I run MATE), but because of broken system interfaces.

For example, since te last update to Gnome,I can no longer close my laptop
while on battery without it suspending. Really annoying and worse because
every few suspends, it does not resume. On Linux there is a power
management tool to fix this, but it does not exist on FreeBSD because the
underlying system interface needs to be ported. It may not really be
difficult (or it might be), but until someone can get the time to it...

It's not easy work and it is well beyond my capabilities. The last heroic
effort at this job was done by marcus@ with a strong assist from mezz@, but
they have largely moved on even if this are still listed as a part of the
gnome team. (Have not seen anything from mezz in years.) And, after all of
their work over the years, I would not ask them to do it again, especially
as I know both were working on this entirely on their own time.

If anyone in the Gnome community is willing to work on fixing the problems,
please think about helping, If not, Gnome will bitrot away. And that
impacts things that don't even seem like Gnome. E.g. Freetype
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