New port: textproc/elasticsearch6

Kurt Jaeger lists at
Thu Feb 15 10:34:33 UTC 2018


> I don't think I makes sense to put it back to pool or tj@ is resetted 
> for elasticsearch ports. So someone other can take all elasticsearch
> port. As I wrote in my first answer: it is better one maintainer make 
> all elasticsearch ports. So please but tj@ for the moment back as
> maintainer.

While adding a port with maintainer, then dropping that maintainer
looks like it's according to the ports handbook, it at least violates
the spirit.

Giving the port to someone who's not very active right now, without him
activily approving it was my mistake.

I'll work on a solution (this evening CET).

pi at            +49 171 3101372                         2 years to go !

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