mail/postfixadmin: Error Regarding "SCOPE_BUBBLE_UP".

Janky Jay, III jankyj at
Sun Feb 11 23:30:01 UTC 2018

Hello All,

FreeBSD - 11.1-RELEASE-p6
PostfixAdmin - 3.1
Smarty3 - 3.1.30
PHP - 5.6.33

	So, I'm unsure if the is due to the most recent update of PostfxAdmin,
Smarty3, or PHP, but I'm seeing the following error upon loading the
login page for PostfixAdmin:

PHP Fatal error:  Undefined class constant 'SCOPE_BUBBLE_UP' in
on line 114

	Has anyone else been seeing this? I've tried the PFA FreeNode channel
and the PFA forums on Github but thus far no replies. Has anyone else
seen this behavior or is this a configuration issue of some type, maybe?
I will mention that PFA was working perfectly fine less than a month ago.

Janky Jay, III

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