FreeBSD Palemoon branding violation

Michelle Sullivan michelle at
Thu Feb 8 03:06:41 UTC 2018

Dave Horsfall wrote:
> On Thu, 8 Feb 2018, Michelle Sullivan wrote:
>>> The reaction to the repo in question is also very weird to me, and 
>>> possibly what worries me the most. He is hurting his own trademarked 
>>> (heh) product by doing this.
>> Quite the opposite.  He has done the right thing to protect his 
>> trademark.
> There's a difference between gently pointing out to a volunteer that 
> they are not complying with the terms of the licence and could they 
> please fix it, and being an arrogant prick with said volunteer and 
> acting like a scum-sucking bottom-feeding lawyer (as if there's any 
> other sort).
> Oddly enough, I find that I get better results from volunteers when I 
> ask them to do something, instead of ordering them around like an 
> arse-hat boss.
Oh not disputing that or the tone.  Just saying telling people not to 
call the product the same as the trademark if there are any changes to 
the product is the way to protect the trademark.


Michelle Sullivan

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