Package depending on any one of multiple FLAVORS

Ondra Knezour knezour at
Tue Feb 6 09:51:32 UTC 2018

Hi gang,

documentation is little sparse yet (found only mention in the Porters 
handbook, created PR for "end user" doc) and I am unsure, if we can 
handle this. Best way I can describe my question is probably via 
examples, so consider following:

We have multiple PHP versions in ports (php56, php70, php71, php72) 
which may get flavored in future. Now there is also some simple PHP 
application, let say php-composer, which would work with any of those 
PHP runtimes. Can we handle it in some generic way or should one create 
also multiple flavors for given application?

Another example would be some really simple C program, which can have 
any C compiler as build time dependency. Here making multiple flavors 
doesn't have any sense, but author knows that any compiler will suffice. 
This one is more general, because it is not only about flavors, but may 
lead to something like from [clang4-5, gcc4-6, intel, whatever we have] 
take one, but you got the point.

Same can be asked probably for all interpreted/scripting languages like 
Ruby and Python and many simple scripts in ports which doesn't have 
other dependencies beside those interpreters. Simple Java applications 
may also run with all or most available Java ports etc.


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