Status of portupgrade and portmaster?

abi abi at
Sat Sep 30 22:39:54 UTC 2017

30.09.2017 20:06, Kevin Oberman пишет:
> As a result, I am no longer able to track HEAD and, if the issue is not
> resolved in some manner before 11 support ends, will be forced to move from
> FreeBSD after an using it for over 2 decades. I certainly hope that this is
> not what happens.

Is it absolutely necessary to be so overdramatic ? synth is rather young 
project and it's failure was very probable - written on long dead 
language and supported by 1 person. It can't even be replacement for 
portmaster as contains only preliminary support if port options.

You can use COMPAT11 on CURRENT as workaround for ADA issue, but this is 
a dead end anyway - synth doesn't look supported anymore, especially 
with FLAVORS on horizon.

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