Status of portupgrade and portmaster?

Thomas Mueller mueller6722 at
Fri Sep 29 09:09:14 UTC 2017

Excerpt from Jan Beich:

> Why did portupgrade skip rebuilding print/harfbuzz-icu before building
> editors/libreoffice? The dependency trees of most desktop applications
> are so complex that the build falls apart if the upgrade tools aren't
> robust enough e.g., ignore MOVED or PORTREVISION bumps.
> In short, this is a reminder portmaster/portupgrade are NOT supported.
> Users are on their own debugging such issues.

What is the current status of portupgrade and portmaster?

I haven't used portupgrade in some time, but what about portmaster?

What is one officially supposed to use to build and upgrade packages from source?

Synth, poudriere, any others?


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