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Thu Sep 28 16:01:25 UTC 2017

> On 28 Sep, 2017, at 0:55, Stefan Esser <se at freebsd.org> wrote:
> Am 27.09.17 um 22:57 schrieb Don Lewis:
>> If at some point you run into a bug and need the debug files, you can
>> pkg install the debug files for whatever packages that you need without
>> disturbing your already installed runtime files, and then you can later
>> deinstall the debug files when you are done with them without needing to
>> reinstall the runtime files.  The same thing applies to docs.
> This assumes, that a matching version of the debug files is still
> available. Otherwise, you had to first install the latest version
> of the package and to reproduce the situation with that version.
> This may be seen as a feature (bug reports only for the version
> currently in ports), but may be impractical in many cases.
> The matching of versions of base package and sub-packages must be
> more strict than by version number, since trivial changes might be
> applied to a port without incrementing the PORTREVISION, but with
> impact on the binary, e.g. if the port is to built with some gcc
> version from ports and that gcc port has been updated, leading to
> different object files and debug symbols than a previous version
> of the port with identical version number.
> A "build number" could be added to each (sub-)package and only if
> this build number matches, a sub-package may be installed on top
> of an already installed base package. The build time/date could of
> course be used instead, if an identical value is used for all the
> corresponding files.

Build date/time or some other per-build identifier violates reproducibility.

We already require that PORTREVISION be bumped every time the resulting package is changed. We already enforce it universally. Trivial changes, by our definition, do not alter the resulting package in any meaningful way (changing http to https in the pkg-descr file, improving LICENSE information, etc.).

GCC bump is not in any way a trivial change. When GCC is updated, ALL gcc-dependent ports are bumped.

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