Failed to build a port (tempus) on i386 (Boost problems?)

L.Bartoletti lbartoletti at
Fri Sep 22 13:40:17 UTC 2017

Hi Dimitry,

Unfortunately, It can't compile with USE_CXXSTD or when force CMake to 
use c++11.

Maybe a bug with boost?

Anyway, according with the developer using this tools on i386 can be 


On 11.09.2017 23:52, Dimitry Andric wrote:
> On 11 Sep 2017, at 22:39, L.Bartoletti <lbartoletti at> wrote:
>> I'm trying to port the tempus <> framework on FreeBSD. All packages are nearly ready except the core for i386...
>> I come to you because I don't understand the difference of the logs between i386 and amd64. I suspect some clang errors and maybe boost, but not sure of myself.
>> Tempus_core requires c++11. So, I have tested with c++11-lang and c++11-lib without success.
> As far as I can see from the logs, your program still needs to add
> -std=c++11 (or -std=gnu++11) to its compilation flags.  Either the
> program's configure or cmake scripts should do this, or you could use
> USE_CXXSTD=c++11.
>> I find a (dirty) solution for 10amd64: force the compiler to be clang40. Unfortunately, it doesn't work on i386...
> Not sure why that would be needed. You should be able to compile C++11
> code on 10.x just fine.
>> All my tests are on my gitlab <>, containing ports and logs.
> These logs contain errors caused by -std=c++11 missing from the
> compilation flags.  Add that flag to get rid of them.
> -Dimitry

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