gettextsetup warnings

Zach zleslie at
Tue Sep 19 16:19:54 UTC 2017

On Tue 19.Sep.17 17:28, Karli Sjöberg wrote:


> Hello!
> Recently I've been noticing hundreds of these messages that SirDice reports in
> this thread on

Indeed, I was looking at this about an hour ago.
> In the thread he states that he gets them both running the puppetmaster with
> the "sysutils/puppet" and "sysutils/puppetserver" package. I myself am running
> the latter, version 2.7.2_1 and as previously stated have the same problem.
> I have tried the step outlined here, unfortunately doesn't help:
> errors-logged-about-gettextsetup-initialization-failures
> Is this something you are aware of?

I am aware of it, but I have no answers.  I've not looked at the steps 
you linked, but I'm working on puppetserver 5.1.0 and am seeing the same 

> Do you perhaps have some connections over at camp Puppet that you ask 
> about how
> to solve it?

I think perhaps a ticket into the Jira might be the right action here.  
I'm spread a bit thin currently trying to get the next puppetserver into 
the ports tree as sysutils/puppetserver5.  Help in this matter would be 
appreciated, as it would help clean up my logs. :)

> Thanks in advance!
> Karli



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