print/gv uses pswrite when ghostscript9 has ps2write

Keith Hellman khellman at
Tue Sep 19 04:48:29 UTC 2017

print/gv's installed /usr/local/share/gv/ expects a pswrite
device, but print/ghostscript9-agpl-base and print/ghostscript9-agpl-x11
(one of the these satisfies print/gv's USES requirement by default)
provide only ps2write (at least that is my interpretation).

I've generated a patch to correct the issue (it also fixes up some 
minor "porters" conventional things such as filename(s) in files/)
but I'm unclear how the system can be clear that it is ghostscript9
installed instead of ghostscript8, or 7.  As such I'm concerned my
patch is insufficient.

While I comfortable with build systems and programming, this is my first
foray into freebsd packages and patch generating, so any guidance would
be appreciated.

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