synth install ... builds but does not always install named packages

Thomas Mueller mueller6722 at
Fri Sep 15 21:01:36 UTC 2017

> > Synth runs faster and more gracefully than portmaster, but portmaster installed everything that it built.

> Yes. That's the point. Build-only dependencies don't get installed via synth or poudriere. Portmaster doesn't do clean builds, so it pollutes your system by installing everything.

> You can install everything, though for the life of me I can't imagine why you'd want to, by:

>         pkg install -g '*'

# Adam
> Adam Weinberger

Running "pkg install -g '*'" might install some outdated packages, so I'd want to look through.  There could even be some conflicts.

Some of the packages not installed are widespread buil;d dependencies, such as nasm, and are better installed than rebuilt or temporarily reinstalled every time.

I dont think it would be possible to install everything created by a run of "synth everything" because of conflicts.  Anyway, that would be overkill.

I don't want to be caught short on build prerequisites for future package builds, or cross-compiling Haiku or Linux toolchains.

Some of the build dependencies not installed seem rather basic to a development system, such as nasm and bison, and are rather standard in Linux distributions.

And then it was irritating when some specifically named packages were not installed (math/gnumeric, editors/abiword-docs, mail/metamail, for instance).


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