Failed to build a port (tempus) on i386

L.Bartoletti lbartoletti at
Mon Sep 11 20:40:02 UTC 2017


I'm trying to port the tempus <> framework 
on FreeBSD. All packages are nearly ready except the core for i386...

I come to you because I don't understand the difference of the logs 
between i386 and amd64. I suspect some clang errors and maybe boost, but 
not sure of myself.

Tempus_core requires c++11. So, I have tested with c++11-lang and 
c++11-lib without success.

I find a (dirty) solution for 10amd64: force the compiler to be clang40. 
Unfortunately, it doesn't work on i386...

All my tests are on my gitlab 
containing ports and logs.

Any idea?


Best regards.


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