How to make www/npm pick www/node4 and www/node6 instead of www/node?

Marcin Cieslak saper at
Sat Sep 9 20:25:31 UTC 2017


in the past (before r414303[1])

npm had a couple of OPTIONS to select which node engine should be used.

Now this is all gone and replaced with

RUN_DEPENDS=	node>=0.8.0:www/node

I am trying to build node-sass binaries for FreeBSD (I used to publish them in the past)
and that requires running poudriere against multiple engines.

The following attempt to cheat does not help:

	 poudriere bulk -j node4_10_3_i386 -p exp www/node4 textproc/node-sass

(textproc/node-sass is my custom port

since poudriere starts to build www/node4 and www/node in parallel.

Would that help if the npm dependency were changed to

RUN_DEPENDS=    node:www/node

so that only existing executable is needed? How could I tell poudriere to pick node4 first?

I used to maintain a private copy of the npm port with lots of OPTIONS and this is a PITA.

I have separate poudriere jails for all architectures I have decided to support:

$ poudriere jail -ln | grep ^node

In the past those had OPTIONS set to pick a proper engine as a www/npm dependency.

How to do it cleanly now?

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