syslog-ng requires eventlog but conflicts with eventlog?

Jeroen Oldenhof jeroen at
Fri Sep 8 08:41:31 UTC 2017

 >On 09/07/2017 03:50 PM, Kurt Jaeger wrote:
 >> Hi
 >>> the makefile for syslog-ng has this in it:
 >> [...]
 >>> so when trying to build it complains about a file.
 >> Which version of the ports tree do you have ?
 >> The most recent should work.
 > I just performed a portsnap fetch; portsnap update on it before trying
 > to build.

I have the same issue with most recent ports tree:

# portsnap fetch update
Looking up mirrors... 6 mirrors found.
Updating from Wed Sep  6 12:04:27 CEST 2017 to Fri Sep  8 10:20:10 CEST 

/usr/ports/sysutils/syslog-ng # make

===>  syslog-ng-3.11.1_1 conflicts with installed package(s):

       They install files into the same place.
       You may want to stop build with Ctrl + C.

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