USES pgsql:plpython?

Chris Rees crees at
Tue Sep 5 18:40:07 UTC 2017


No reason at all...  I just missed it out when I wrote that bit of :)

If you feel up to patching Mk/Uses/ (have a look at line 135, add plpython and make another line below it to match the others).  Please alphabetise the list while you're at it!

If you can't get it to work, I'll do it.



On 5 September 2017 19:25:41 BST, "L.Bartoletti" <lbartoletti at> wrote:
>I prepare a port which needs plpython. Is there any reason that we
>have the choice to write in our Makefile "USES pgsql:plpython"?
>Only because there are no ports dependent upon this port? Can I add it 
>to my diff?
>Loïc Bartoletti.

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