Poudreiere auto-track quarterly ports?

Dan Mahoney dmahoney at isc.org
Tue Sep 5 01:50:21 UTC 2017

Hey there All,

Is there an easy way to have poudriere auto-track the latest quarterly 
ports build tree, without having to manually reset it to a specific 

Poudriere knows how to portsnap the latest ports/head, but not the latest 

Example: Currently, I can't build ports due to a failure in -HEAD for one 
of my dependencies (xerces-c3-3.2.0) which causes several other ports to 
fail as well.

Presumably, this port is more stable in the quarterly branch, which is 
where me (and I think most people) would like to do most of our building 
with -- for those of us that are only building custom ports to get new 
options, not those of us that need the latest-greatest code.

However, that means that four times a year, one needs to manually do 
surgery on our repos, not only to pull in the new quarterly branch, but 
also to re-point pkg at the new build location.

It would work better if poudriere were either aware of the way the 
quarterly branches are named, OR if there was a tag that always pointed a 
the current quarterly, same as in pkg.

Is this possible?

-Dan Mahoney

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