Help Wanted - Work with MSFT and help finish the port of .NET Core to FreeBSD

Sijmen J. Mulder ik at
Mon Sep 4 09:32:18 UTC 2017


(Please excuse email formatting issues. I haven't set up a proper client 

Op 4-9-2017 om 04:15 schreef Yuri:
> Is there a body of software that requires .Net? I never came across
anything great that needed .Net to run.
> In other words, why is this needed and who is going to use it?

.NET Core is mostly used as a server software platform, mostly web APIs 
and the like. At this point it's unlikely you would encounter this in 
regular end user software. I have the impression that it's especially 
popular with for microservices - for the .NET crowd, that is.

I'm going to have a look to see if there's anything I can do.


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