www/bluefish builds but fails to install

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Sat Sep 2 11:11:09 UTC 2017


On 01/09/2017 23:33, Kevin Oberman wrote:
> No, not really "aha". If you have most anything using freedesktop specs
> (which includes all "modern" desktops), you will have these files. You
> should also  have a similar set of system wide mime files. These are
> normally found in /usr/local/share/mime, but that can be altered and it
> looks like yours is in "/storage". If the prefix for local is changed,
> ports must be rebuilt as many ports assume that related ports use the same
> location for shared resources.

The OS was initially installed onto a SSD, then 3xsata disks were added
for a zfs array. This array is /storage and /usr is symlinked to

> FWIW, I just installed bluefish on my system using default options with no
> errors. As a result, I suspect thee is an issue with your environment and
> that is why you are having issues.

I'm running portupgrade -af in the hope this fixes things, or if it
fails hopefully the errors will show where the problem is. It'll take a
while as nearly 1400 ports are installed, then again this desktop is
quick. At the same time, I spun up a newly created, small, bhyve
11.1-stable instance, installed ports and it's now building bluefish
with all its dependencies.

I expect that you're right, that there's something broken in the
environment. In which case I'll probably have to return the machine to a
more-or-less pristine state, delete .local and install what I currently
require. Maybe some cruft has built up over the years that's causing
problems now. It's been a freebsd desktop since v9.


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