can't link against math.h

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Thu Oct 26 02:53:08 UTC 2017

Hello blubee,

On Thu, 26 Oct 2017 10:05:00 +0800, blubee blubeeme
<gurenchan at> wrote:

> I wrote a simple test program to test and see if math.h has the
> function: exp10f

grep -r exp10f /usr/include
shows that is does not.  I could not find this function in man pages
either and also does
not list it.  log10 exists but did not see and kind of exp10.
Could you have been thin of a macro you saw in an app?

the only ref I found from searching ports/math was:
 /usr/ports/math/ldouble/files/i386-makefile-patch: exp10l.o
exp2l.o expl.o expx2l.o fdtrl.o gammal.o gdtrl.o igamil.o igaml.o \

> #include <math.h>
> int main(int argc, char** argv)
> {
> (void)argv;
> return ((int*)(&exp10))[argc];
> }
> tried compiling it with clang:
> clang++ test.cpp -o test -lm
> test.cpp:7:17: error: use of undeclared identifier 'expf10'
> return ((int*)(&expf10))[argc];
>                 ^
> 1 error generated.
> tried with gcc:
> gcc test.cpp -o test -lm
> test.cpp: In function 'int main(int, char**)':
> test.cpp:7:17: error: 'expf10' was not declared in this scope
>  return ((int*)(&expf10))[argc];
> Does FreeBSD math.h have expf10 and if so, how do I link against it?
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Christopher Hall.

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