Maintainer timeout for fix to print/freetype2

Kevin Oberman rkoberman at
Wed Oct 25 23:01:17 UTC 2017

Since print/freetype2 was updated to version 2.8 in June it has had an
annoying bug that caused lines to be spaced slightly too far apart for some
fonts, notably Bitstream Vera Sans Mono Roman, AKA "fixed". This caused
terminal windows to not line up correctly.

Thanks to some hard work by lightside a patch was developed that corrected
the problem. It has now been pretty thoroughly tested for several months
and was submitted  for maintainer approval back in late July. Several
requests for maintainer approval have been sent to gnome@, with no response.

Could a committer look at and commit it.
Most people who have hit this have probably never noticed it and those who
have probably didn't care enough to report it. I believe lightside has
submitted to fix upstream where the problem was already reported but I have
no idea when they will have a new release.
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