Openfire 4.1.6 compile failed

Pietro Cerutti gahr at
Wed Oct 25 06:31:48 UTC 2017

On Oct 24 17 21:36, Doug Sampson wrote:
> > I can't reproduce it here. What are exactly the commands you're issuing
> > to upgrade the port?
> > 
> > I don't see where the .logs.CB0BLDkFGJLs symlink might be coming from.
> > 
> > Does removing it manually help?
> > 
> Hi,
> Just returned today from one week vacation.

Hi, I hope you had a good time!

> I used portmaster to perform the upgrade. Is that why it failed?

I wouldn't know. I don't use portmaster myself. Have you tried to get in 
touch with portmaster's maintainer and see whether he has any clues?

> Since the port failed to update, I had to start over from scratch. 
> Before doing a 'make install clean', I removed the symlink and the 
> install failed. I found that I also needed to remove the logs 
> directory before the installation would succeed.
> Perhaps the update scripts needs to be modified to remove/rename 
> symlinks to /var/log/openfire and/or logs directory as part of the 
> update? I certainly did not create these symlinks. I assume since you 
> are the port maintainer for this openfire port that you would test 
> updates.

I certainly do, although by no means I can test all official, 
pseudo-official, and non-official update methods out there.

I have a live openfire environment (logs, config) which I test upon 
upgrade. Make deinstall/install or reinstall indeed works fine here.

I have absolutely no idea who created that symlink, but I would assume 
it's not the port itself.

> Let me know if you need additional documentation of the update 
> process.

I would think both me and portmaster's maintainer would benefit from a
full portmaster log including the commands you type.

Pietro Cerutti
The FreeBSD Project
gahr at
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