Using blaslapack

Yuri yuri at
Mon Oct 16 09:18:03 UTC 2017

On 10/15/17 23:20, Gleb Popov wrote:
> I've tracked these symbols to /usr/local/lib/gcc6/ But there is
> also /usr/lib/ and it doesn't have such symbols. I suspect this
> is the source of the error, but I wasn't able to fix it. Passing -Wl,-rpath
> as advised by lang/gcc6 pkg-message doesn't help. The only workaround I
> came up with is USE_GCC=yes to compile DLib itself, but that's pretty
> unsatisfactory.

Fortran implementation based on gcc is faulty due to being 
present in 2 versions, in base and in gcc port, making any code 
containing both C++ and fortran impossible to run. Your application 
probably can't work on FreeBSD using gcc fortran for this reason.

You can try to apply the patch from and then have 
USES=fortran:flang instead of just USES=fortran in your port. Please let 
me know if this works. flang is a new, experimental fortran 
implementation that aims to replace gcc fortran.


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