[ports]: GH_TAGNAME: how to figure out this tagname on downloadable archives?

blubee blubeeme gurenchan at gmail.com
Mon Oct 16 04:19:35 UTC 2017

I just ran into this issue yesterday myself.

To find the tagname I went to the project in githib, looked at their
committed files and found the one with the latest date.

Click on that file, then you'll see three buttons in the upper right hand
raw, blame, history.

Click on history and you'll see the tagnames on the right have column.

Copy that to your GH_TAGNAME in the makefile and you should be fine.

There are ways to get the tagname from git but that's if you've cloned the
repo locally which I didn't want to bother doing.


On Mon, Oct 16, 2017, 04:58 Yuri <yuri at rawbw.com> wrote:

> On 10/15/17 12:47, O. Hartmann wrote:
> > all right, that is what I picked up from the porter's handbook, but I
> must have
> > overlooked the note (if there is anything like that) regarding the
> sufficient first 7
> > digits.
> If you look at other ports, most use 7 digits.
> > I tried this earlier (yes, and I do also a make makesum ;-))), but I get
> a complete
> > different "structure" right now - no tarball which contains exactly
> OpenCL 2.1 or OpenCL
> > 2.2 (the one I'd like to download), but a complete hierarchie of the CL
> sources, starting
> > from OpenCL 1.0 to OpenCL 2.2. Either, there has been a change in the
> way OpenCL headers
> > are provided, or there is a magic trick to download, depending on the
> > tarball ending in "*_GH0.tar.xz"
> The version downloaded using GH_TAGNAME should have the same structure
> as releases, unless the project structure itself has been radically
> changed between releases. The top folder name is going to be different
> for GH_TAGNAME. A release is just an alpa-numeric tag in a sequence of
> commits, nothing more.
> Yuri
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