installing into alternate directory?

Steve Kargl sgk at
Fri Oct 13 22:08:46 UTC 2017

I suspect that this is documented someplace.
In the old days, one coudl install ports in
an directory hierarchy other than /usr/local
by setting DESTDIR.  This is/was handy in 
testing a new port, or in particular, an upgrade
of an abandoned port.

% cd /usr/ports/math/octave42
% make
% setenv DESTDIR /usr/local/octave42
% make install
===>  Creating some important subdirectories
===> /tmp subdirectory has been successfully created
===> /dev subdirectory has been successfully created
===>  Starting chrooted make in /usr/local/octave42...
chroot: /bin/sh: No such file or directory
===>  Chrooted make in /usr/local/octave42 failed
===>  Cleaning up...
*** Error code 1



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