pkg: sqlite error while executing sqlite open in file pkgdb.c:1126: unable to open database file

Vidar Karlsen vidar at
Thu Oct 12 18:19:12 UTC 2017

> On 12 Oct 2017, at 19:50, Jos Chrispijn <bsdports at> wrote:
> Op 12-10-2017 om 7:39 schreef Vidar Karlsen:
>> Also check if your current work dir has been deleted,
> Do you mean my BSD workdir like /temp or do you refer to the workdir that is used during the portupdate?
> Where can I find which workdir that is?

I usually get that exact error when I run pkg from a directory that no longer exists. In my case, this typically happens because I’m sitting in a port dir like /usr/ports/dns/unbound after having run 'portsnap fetch update’ which has deleted that dir and created a new one because of a version bump in the tree.

Your case with portmaster might be a bit different, but it should normally not happen unless portmaster cd’s to a dir that then gets deleted. Did your ports tree change while portmaster was running?

If you can run pkg commands (like ‘pkg info’) normally otherwise, I’ll have to assume that your sqlite database is fine and that there is a temporary issue during the portmaster run that causes this error to be thrown.

Vidar Karlsen
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