pkg: sqlite error while executing sqlite open in file pkgdb.c:1126: unable to open database file

Jos Chrispijn bsdports at
Thu Oct 12 17:45:06 UTC 2017

Op 12-10-2017 om 1:15 schreef Kevin Oberman:
> While you are using portmaster(8), portmaster, in turn, uses pkg and the
> pkg database which is sqlite  So the pkg suggestions are likely reasonable.
> It looks like the db is missing, seriously damaged, has protections that
> keep portmaster from accessing it, or your db is not in the right pkg is
> looking for it.
> That said, it's not clear exactly where in the process these occurred. If
> you had already installed ports, pkg had already accessed the db several
> times. If you can't figure out why the db could not be opened, providing a
> bit more information might help.  So might a "pkg check -B" which will read
> the db many  times.
Thanks for that suggestion - it looks ok

Checking all packages: 100%

With regards to the technical basi(c)s, I am a complete nub regarding this.
Will investigate further, thanks for your reply,

BR, Jos Chrispijn

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