Crashing chromium/iridium

Grzegorz Junka list1 at
Fri Oct 6 19:39:06 UTC 2017

Just wanted to check if anybody else observed this annoying behaviour in 
Chromium/Iridium browsers. Randomly, in about 10-40% of cases, the new 
tab hangs loading for 30-60 seconds, after which time the browser shows 
a dialog that the webpage doesn't load and I can either kill or wait.

There is no pattern, sometimes I can open 10 tabs with no issues, but 
sometimes 10 tabs hang in a row and need to be killed. Very often when I 
kill the page reloading the page doesn't help, it still hangs, but when 
I open the same URL in a new tab it works. Sometimes, however, reloading 
the page also works.

I compiled and installed Iridium hoping that it will be free from this 
bug but it seems that the behaviour is exactly the same as in Chromium. 
It has been happening for the past year at least. Maybe some of the 
options I checked for Chromium/Iridium don't work well or maybe some of 
its dependencies are compiled with options that don't work well. How 
would I investigate it?

I didn't try to install precompiled versions. Also, the issue doesn't 
happen with other browsers (Firefox, any other I could compile on 
FreeBSD are also fine). I tried to open in safe mode, without 
extensions, but all without any difference in this behaviour.



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