graphics/netpbm update to netpbm-10.80.00

David Wolfskill david at
Fri Oct 6 12:42:06 UTC 2017

Empirical observation: environments that currently have an older
installation of graphics/netpbm already installed, and where the intent
is to update graphics/netpbm to netpbm-10.80.00 by building the port in
the environment with the older netpbm already installed (e.g., make,
portmaster, and portupgrade -- not within a jail or a chroot) may
benefit from deleting the old installed version before attempting the
in-place update.

Disclaimer: That's what worked for me, using portmaster.  In a couple of
days, I expect to be updating at least one system from custom-built
packages (built using poudriere); I expect that this will Just Work
(without the evasive maneuver of a preemptive "pkg delete -f
graphics/netpbm").  And there's another system I expect to update that
same day -- rather isolated from everything else -- where I expect to
use portmaster, and will need to perform said preemptive evasive

I mention it in the hope that the information will reduce the time spent
trying to figure this out: time is not one of the "more renewable
resources" we have.

David H. Wolfskill				david at

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