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Matthew Seaman matthew at FreeBSD.org
Fri Oct 6 06:27:21 UTC 2017

On 06/10/2017 00:29, tech-lists wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 05, 2017 at 12:22:30PM +0100, Mike Clarke wrote:
>> the currently available package is built against php56. Using
>> poudriere for this one task would
>> be equivalent to using a steamroller to crack a peanut. Building
>> phpMyAdmin from ports is no
>> great problem for me and perhaps future development of pkg might avoid
>> the need to build
>> my own version but I'd hope that documented methods will continue to
>> exist for users with
>> this type of need.

> I encountered exactly this issue a few days ago. Was suprised to find
> that I couldn't find phpmyadmin built against php70 in packages, so
> built php70
> then built phpmyadmin. This was easy just using the ports framework. I
> hope the ability to use the ports tree like this never disappears as
> it's one of freebsd's great strengths i think.
> I'd use packages more were it not for the received wisdom that mixing
> packages and ports is a Bad Thing (tm) - is this still the case?

Yes -- exactly.  As maintainer of phpMyAdmin I find these sort of
enquiries depressing.  phpMyAdmin gets built in the project repositories
with a dependency on the ports default version of PHP, but there are a
substantial group of people that would like to use a different version
of PHP who we cannot serve properly.

This is why we need FLAVOURS in the ports -- or in this case, actually
the solution would be better provided by variable dependencies. It's
particularly annoying in the case of phpMyAdmin since the process of
"building" the port is literally to copy the files into the staging area.



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