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Grzegorz Junka list1 at gjunka.com
Thu Oct 5 22:23:40 UTC 2017

On 05/10/2017 22:08, Baho Utot wrote:
> On 10/05/17 16:27, Grzegorz Junka wrote:
>> On 05/10/2017 19:54, Baho Utot wrote:
>>> On 10/04/17 16:39, Ernie Luzar wrote:
>>>> Here's my take on that.
>>>> The future direction has already been decided by the FreeBSD 
>>>> leaders 2 years ago with their development of a better pkg system.
>>> [putolin]
>>>> Don't let the few old school die hearts who are afraid of any 
>>>> change and make the most noise influence you. There will always be 
>>>> edge case user who think their needs out weight what is best for 
>>>> the group.
>>> So what you are really saying is Go to hell old farts we don't need 
>>> you here.  We are not going to listen to you as you are too old to 
>>> know anything.  You are old and stupid.
>>> It is looking like I will need to move away from FreeBSD if that is 
>>> really what is being accomplished here.
>> But do those old farts have anything interesting to say or they are 
>> just making noise? What's the alternative to the proposed direction?
>> GrzegorzJ
> Everyone should be heard.  who knows if the direction would be the same?
> You won't hear from this old fart as every time I have had a question 
> or input on direction All I got was grief.
> The last time was about pkgng.  As someone that moved from 
> LFS/building my own distribution to FreeBSD, and adding a package 
> manager and tools for LFS.  I think I may have learned something in 
> that process.  SO what did you folks do, Well I was just bitch slapped 
> down.  So much for user input.  Hell pkgng can not even merge 
> configurations file in /etc when is that going to be fixed. Also the 
> packaging of base is just a cluster fuck, there are no other words for 
> that non sense.  When the base packaging was started it was told that 
> by 11.0 it would be done and here it is at 11.1 and it still a cluster 
> fuck.  Now you want to add flavors,  good grief you can not even 
> finish the other projects that were started how will this flavors 
> thing work out?
> Anyway it looks like I will be moving to OpenBSD or just go back to 
> rolling my own as I have more free time to pursue building systems 
> that work for me.  FreeBSD just doesn't look like it will be a fit for 
> me in the future.

What you are saying (or what I am reading) is that the direction isn't 
wrong, but rather that there is too much technical debt being left 
behind. That's not the same thing. Merging configurations in /etc or 
packaging of base are fixable regardless if there are flavours or not. 
So, again, what's the alternative to the proposed direction? If you are 
saying that there could have been a better alternative if the technical 
debt hasn't been left behind then I still don't get it how it would have 
made a difference.

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