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Thu Oct 5 19:54:38 UTC 2017

On 10/04/17 16:39, Ernie Luzar wrote:

> Here's my take on that.
> The future direction has already been decided by the FreeBSD leaders 2 
> years ago with their development of a better pkg system.


> Don't let the few old school die hearts who are afraid of any change and 
> make the most noise influence you. There will always be edge case user 
> who think their needs out weight what is best for the group.

So what you are really saying is Go to hell old farts we don't need you 
here.  We are not going to listen to you as you are too old to know 
anything.  You are old and stupid.

It is looking like I will need to move away from FreeBSD if that is 
really what is being accomplished here.

> Remember that your updated book will become a bible for many years and 
> many readers. Don't include items that are now on the edge of being 
> replaced.
> Another candidate is JAILs  IE: the old way of jail definition was in 
> rc.conf the new way being jail.conf. The jail.conf method was 
> introduction was at RELEASE 9.0 and here its 11.1 and still the old 
> school users fight to retain both ways. Hoping that with 12.0, support 
> for jail definition in rc.conf will be totally removed.
> One last though. The problem with the Freebsd handbook is that it reads 
> like a list of reminder notes. The reader is expected to already have a 
> well defined understanding of the subject being read about. The past 2 
> years a great amount of effort has gone into bring the handbook up to 
> date with the current status of the operating system. But it is a very 
> far cry from a teaching aid.
> Please take the time to rework the original "Absolute FreeBSD" content 
> into something that is usable as a teaching book. You must assume that 
> the only thing the reader knows about Freebsd is how to spell the word 
> Freebsd and build the content from there.
> Good luck.
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