FreeBSD telldusd port fix for devd script

Johan Ström johan at
Thu Oct 5 07:41:14 UTC 2017

Hello again,

cleaned up and submitted as

Found that there was an old PR still hanging around with similar devd
patch, which you had already provided, but it was never applied. Well,
this one superseeds it :)

Glad to hear it works 24/7! Same here, almost at least. Too bad upstream
(Telldus) have stopped developing it, there are a few quirks that could
be fixed such as

On 04/10/17 16:51, Hans Petter Selasky wrote:
> On 10/04/17 16:30, Johan Ström wrote:
>> Ah, okay. Well, it works now and didn't work with the old devd rule,
>> I'm happy with that :)
>> Shall I create a patch and submit to bugzilla, or are you fixing this
>> as part of bigger cleanup?
> Please submit it straight to ports. No more cleanup from my side at
> the present. telldus is working great btw 24/7 !
> --HPS

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