ABI confusion: freebsd:12:x86:64 or ABI: freebsd:12:amd64?

O. Hartmann ohartmann at walstatt.org
Tue Oct 3 08:51:42 UTC 2017

When using "poudriere", it seems ABI is freebsd:12:x86:64. When using FreeBSD base, it
seems always to be referred to FreeBSD:12:amd64. What now? All non-BSD world uses x86:64,
FreeBSD is using amd64, but why is this used inconsistently all over the places?

I run into trouble setting up some package- and base-servers and ran into the problem
when deleting - not thinking of this discovered inconsistency - some links on the servers
regarding FreeBSD:12:x86:64 (the same is for 11-STABLE).

Can someone shed some light onto this? 

What am I supposed to use now? The handbook referes to amd64, so I thought poudriere
would, too. 

Thanks in advance,

O. Hartmann

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