Status of portupgrade and portmaster?

Matt Smith matt.xtaz at
Mon Oct 2 20:04:32 UTC 2017

On Oct 02 11:51, Don Lewis wrote:
>Yes, but at least the poudriere jail doesn't build the kernel bits.  The
>real pain point is that when you update the jail, the next bulk package
>build will toss all the previously built packages and force a full
>rebuild from scratch.  That makes sense if you believe that the contents
>of the jail affect the contents of the packages build using that jail.
>If you don't think that is true, then why bother to update the jail.

That is a good point and it does seem an overkill if you think not much 
has changed in the jail to warrant it. It doesn't do it every time, only 
when they increment the osrel number.

There is a way around it. I sometimes run this script which updates the 
jail to be the same as my host.


V1=`uname -r`
V2=`sysctl -n kern.osreldate`
JV=`find /var/poudriere/data/packages/ -depth 2 -name .jailversion`

echo "${V1} ${V2}" > ${JV}
echo "${JV} set to ${V1} ${V2}"


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