Status of portupgrade and portmaster?

Thomas Mueller mueller6722 at
Mon Oct 2 09:23:23 UTC 2017

from abi:

> > What sort of port options can portmaster support better than synth?
> 1. When port doesn't have options cached portmaster invokes dialog4ports
> (poudriere can't do it in proper way, synth doesn't do it at all)
> 2. When options become outdated portmaster invokes dialog4ports
> 3. portmaster gives me summary what it would like to do
> 4. portmaster shows why it wants to build port A - it gives me dependency
> chain. For example I spent 2 hours trying to figure what's going on with
> poudriere (it pulls TEST dependencies - why?)

> So, I'd say we have only 1 tool designed for end user.

Downside of dialog4ports is burying options in a tree under /var/db/ports not intended for direct modification by user.

I much prefer direct non-dialog editing of options, such as is done in pkgsrc and Gentoo portage.

I recently got into a circular-dependency mess using "make config-recursive" multiple times on each port.

I had to delete /var/db/ports/* but keep empty /var/db/ports and put the options in

But I could still be screwed when options become outdated or new options arise.


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