The future of portmaster

Torsten Zuehlsdorff mailinglists at
Wed May 31 11:02:05 UTC 2017

On 30.05.2017 16:00, Adam Weinberger wrote:
>> On 30 May, 2017, at 7:51, Anton Shterenlikht <mexas at>
>> wrote:
>>> when portmaster have gone away?
>> What? WHAT?
>> portmaster going away???
>> I hope not
>> Anton
> The ports tree continues to evolve. Major new features are planned
> and in the process of being implemented. These changes will break all
> the port-building tools.
> poudriere and synth are actively developed, so they will quickly
> support the new changes. portmaster and portupgrade are no longer
> being actively developed, so it is anticipated that they will stop
> working until somebody fixes them (if at all).

While i'm the maintainer of portmaster i want to emphasize this. Keeping 
portmaster up to date is very hard. Even small changes which are double 
checked already broke something. Its a little frustrating.

BUT: there is an ongoing attempt to rewrite portmaster with an 
test-driven approach to make live much easier. But this will take time.

When having a decent hardware poudriere and synth are a good choice, you 
should definitely check out!


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