ino64 status update and upgrade caution

Ed Maste emaste at
Mon May 29 14:50:06 UTC 2017

The ino64 project was committed to src last week[1][2] with
UPDATING notes added shortly thereafter [3][4][5].

As some people have been tripped up by the ino64 change I want to
emphasize again that the upgrade procedure described in UPDATING should
be followed exactly. The reboot after installing the new ino64 kernel,
and the addition of COMPAT_FREEBSD11 to custom kernel configurations,
are crucial steps.

Note that this upgrade is just the usual standard, documented procedure
and is required whenever new syscalls or other forwards-incompatible
changes are introduced. Prior to ino64 we have had a period without
any significant Application Binary Interface (ABI) or Kernel Binary
Interface (KBI) changes and it was possible to take shortcuts with the
upgrade procedure. The ino64 change is backwards-compatible but not
forwards-compatible and shortcuts must not be taken. (As a general
rule, it is safest to always use the full procedure unless you follow
the commit mailing list and are aware of which changes are not

In addition, some users have created a symlink to, in an attempt to run older binaries on a fresh post-
ino64 install. Do not do this: and
have an incompatible ABI and this will result in incorrect and
unpredictable behaviour.

The most recent -CURRENT package set was built prior to the ino64
commit, and thus will not work on a fresh ino64 install or snapshot
image. Until the next package set is available please build from ports,
or use Poudriere to build your own package set.

Most ports with a dependency on ino64 have now been patched. The
remaining ports which still need a change for ino64 are:

Port                        Responsible for # Skipped
--------------------------  ----------------------------
lang/gcc6-aux                 54
sysutils/py-psutil            13  (fix in review D10801)
devel/llvm38                   6
sysutils/py-psutil121          3
devel/radare2                  0
emulators/qemu-user-static     0
lang/ccl                       0
lang/dmd2                      0
lang/gcc5-aux                  0
lang/modula3                   0
lang/rust-nightly              0
lang/twelf                     0
lang/urweb                     0
net-mgmt/netdata               0


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